Here is a video of that protest

It is estimated that 3,000 activists congregated in the town of Sebnitz, which is right on the German-Czech border, and spread out to form a “living border”. Many had signs with Angela Merkel that read “Terrorist Mother” and some wore t-shirts stating “stop asylum tourism”. The anti-invasion protesters had people from PEGIDA as well as other “far right” (extremely correct) groups.

Other places in Saxony were alive with German resistance this weekend.

A similar event took place in the district Einsiedel in Chemnitz. Around a thousand people had gathered on Saturday night, according to police, for a “silent march”. They objected to a planned Flüchtlingsnotunterkunft [emergency accomodation for refugees] in a former GDR pioneer camp.

Also in eastern Saxony, there was a demonstration in Görlitz late on Saturday under the motto “Görlitz defends itself”. Thousands of people came together, according to estimates by observers. A counter-demonstration under the motto “Görlitz Cosmopolitan” had around 500 participants.

Source: Carolyn Yeager

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