This is a free plug! I use this on my home/studio in Gosford and it is amazing! It really works so I am giving the company a free plug. Contact Organics Pty Ltd is an Australian company dedicated to seeking out innovative ways to create a non-toxic product range that is effective at killing weeds, rapidly. We’ve spent the last three decades focusing on the research, development and production of non-toxic products. In this time, we found a correlation between illnesses and chemicals used across a range of soils and crops. And, in turn, the foods produced from these crops.

This discovery triggered our expansion into agricultural research. Surely, we thought, chemicals in herbicides would have a negative effect on the food we eat?

It turned out we were right.

The industry was missing effective, non-toxic weed control products. Thus, the Safe Series was created. The safe range also conditions the soil and prevents weeds growing back as well as glyphosate does.

It costs $29 a litre of concentrate which makes around 14 litres, so it is dearer to buy cheaper to use. It also works immediately, weeds are clearly dead the same day and disappear into the ether within a week (which is about the time that Glyphosate starts to work back when I used it). Smells a little but not in a bad way,smell is gone in a few hours. Seems to store fine through the winter.

I find it works on all grasses, however you need to make sure you cover tussock type grasses completely or they will need a second spray. It kills bindis brilliantly. Also perfect on kikuyu where that has grown into concrete edging and the like. One spray with a good coating and it is gone.

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