Our globalist traitor of a Prime Minister has spent the last year trying to ressurect the TPP. This is the deal that places MegaCorp above local laws, meaning they can do anything they want. 

This is clearly treason and as we show here unconstitutional. That is not going to stop Malcolm Turnbull. As we said when he staged his coup against Abbott, the reason for that coup included passing the TPP. As long as he does what his MegaCorp backers installed him for, his prime ministership is secure. A deal with the devil indeed.

As usual the TPP is being negotiated in secret, always a sign that they have something to hide. Liberty Campaign will get our hands on a copy and then we will update this page for the changes they have made as against the version of the agreement currently on this site.

If we do not fight this then Australia wil be a corporate state and any semblance of democracy will be gone. It is that bleak. Please share our meme:

turnbull ciobo opening war