Welcome to The Liberty Plan

After years of research we present a set of policies to restore liberty, economic prosperity and equality of opportunity for all Australians. Libertarians and policy analyists in other countries should find this set of policies useful in their policy debate.

The articles/news section of this site is dedicated to relaying stories that are observations on where our society is in trouble, and what policies have worked and which have not. This provides the data from which to construct our Plan for Australia.

Basic Principles

Ideology is a poor basis for policy. Ideology (or dogma) leads to policy that is designed for social engineering not constructive outcomes. Our Liberty Plan is based on cause and effect - preferably what has worked in another place or time.

The Role of Libertarianism

Liberty Campaign is libertarian in nature. We believe that the role of the Government is to provide for those that cannot provide for themselves and to defend the commonwealth. That's it. 

However, the difference between evidence based policy and ideology based policy is best explained by reference to Medicare. Medicare (Australia's socialised medicine) delivers health care at the lowest unit cost in the developed world, while providing quality care to all Australians. Put simply it works. An ideologue would cancel Medicare because it contradicts the libertarian principle of taking responsiblity for your own life. Our Liberty Plan aggressively defends medicare simply because it works and in the context of our other policies will always work. So it stays until someone can show us an even fairer way to do health care, which I doubt exists.

Honour the Constitution

In the hubris and arrogance we see from the left of politics is a contempt for our founding fathers. These wise men had a wisdom and forethought sadly lacking in today's leaders. They wrote a constitution that has stood the test of time, and indeed saw 2016 coming. In the constitution we have answers to restoring our liberty and prosperity.

In particular the constitution spells out roles for each level of government. Over time these delineations have been smudged by empire-building bureaucrats and gutless politicians afraid of saying no to special interest groups.

It is time to wind back the multiple layers of government and restore rule by the constitution.

Stop stealing from people

Taxation is taking money from the person that has earned it and giving it to a person that has not. Sometimes this is necessary, an example being Defence personnel (who we hope never have to earn it) It can also be justified in the case of Medicare, where what is taken is less than it would be under any other way of doing healthcare. What has to stop is the notion that what is ours is theirs. In NSW you can be fined for sitting in a blow up boat in a foot of water up a creek somewhere, if you do not have: a life jacket, a whistle, 2 oars, an anchor, grab rope and bailing bucket. That $250 fine can then be deducted from your bank account (and the Government has given themselves access to your bank accounts) without notice, before or after the theft.

This entitlement mindset, this belief evident in recent government policy that what is ours is anything the government cannot find an excuse to steal is simply wrong. The concept of criminalising everyday behaviour as a pretense for raising revenue has to stop. The government needs to get out of our wallets, our homes, our bedrooms, the media and back into it's box.

Shrink the Government

Aged Care is a great example of government creep, or "layering". An Aged Care facility has to deal with Local, State and Federal regulations and oversight. That increases the cost of Aged Care and reduces, not increases the quality of care available to average citizens by pricing it out of their reach. Child Care has suffered a similar fate. Aged Care is a community responsibility, which makes it a Local Government function. Local Government is the level of government that has councillors living around the corner from their local aged care facility. They will be the ones to hear about complaints from within their local community - becasue they are in the community the facilities serve. They are the ones that can deliver oversight, not bureaucrats thousands of kilometres away.

The principle we base our Liberty Plan on is this - one level of government is responsible for each function, and the level of government closest to service delivery should be that level. Funnily enough, that is what the constitution says!

Sustainability & Fairness

By growing government to the point of financial unsustainability what we are risking are the very basics of government - education, social security, defence, and medicare. This may be a deliberate strategy on the part of the "the people that run the world" to destroy our current system of government to rebuild a system of serfdom to replace it. Good policy is good policy because it has good outcomes. Everything in this plan is about making humane government sustainable be eliminating over-government.

Remember every cent that the government takes in taxation is lost to free enterprise - every dollar in taxation is a dollar that cannot be used to grow the economy and the wealth of all citizens. The government does not create wealth, it cannot create wealth. Private enterprise does that. The more we take from business the less wealth will be created to sustain the basics of government.

Now if free enterprise keeps all the wealth, imports foreign workers and pays them peanuts, and we the people fall backwards down the income ladder, seeing none of the fruits of our productivity, flexibility and free trade sacrifices, then that is something we need to correct. The mechanism for correction however is not more government, it is less. Big business is big because it uses the systems of big government to defend itself. Big government  - rules, regulations, corporate oversight - these are barriers to the sort of free competition that can bring MegaCorp to their knees. We do not need more government to effect fairness, we need less. We need the free market to be free, then watch MegaCorp try and compete with a myriad of startups and small businesses unleashed by freeing the people from the tyranny of government regulation and taxation slavery.

Bill of Rights

The American Bill of Rights has stood as a defence against tyranny for 150 years. Australia does not have a bill of rights. Every time this is suggested globalist lapdogs shout it down because they do not want us to have rights. The American Bill of Rights is a never ending source of pain in globalism's attempts to destroy America and rebuild their vision of serfdom and tyranny. We need a bill of rights that guarantees basic liberties and provides a mechanism to correct transgressions.

Our policy for community justice centres that repurpose Local Courts on nights and weekends for We The People to bring cases of discrimination and injustice can ensure that basic rights are protected in a post-big government world.


Sovereignty should always be within the control of We The People. It is not the government's to give away. It is ours. Free trade agreements that cede sovereignty to foreign crony courts are morally and legally indefensible. It is treachery, pure and simple.

Now the specifics of the Liberty Plan.
1. Delayering Key Departments

Delayering means accountability - one department is responsible for one specific function, which means we know who to hold accountable. Each of these Government departments would simply be shut down. Staff involved in these departments will be retrenched with suitable transition arrangements.


  • Aged Care, other than at local government;
  • Child Care, other than at local government;
  • Housing, other than at state government;
  • Aboriginal Affairs, which is covered by other departments;
  • Education, other than at state government;
  • Health, other than at state government;
  • Climate Change, which is laughable nonsense;
  • Defence equipment aquisition, which is incompetent and generally a really stupid idea;
  • Regional Development, other than at state government;
  • Foreign Trade - not a government responsibility;
  • Family Court replaced by the mainstream Court system;
  • Small Business - the best help you can give small business is letting them get on with it;
  • Social engineering (once Bill of Rights/Community Justice protections are in place) - Anti-discrimination Commissioner and legislation, Aged Commissioner, Privacy Commissioner, Australian of the Year, marriage regulation and so much more.


  • New Department of Services: Merging and protecting Medicare and the PBS, Social Security and Education vouchers;
  • New Department of the Interior: Aboriginal Nation, the Arts, Sport, Communication;
  • Department of Defence: Defence, Defence Support, Defence Industries, border protection & Veteran's Affairs;
  • The Attorney General: Attorney General, Federal Police, Electoral Commission, ASIC-like body, New Community Justice Centers;
  • Department of Resources - airports, maritime which is federal not state, national highways & interstate rail, NBN until it can be sold fairly, natural resources & mining approvals;
  • New Department of Technology - Commercially focused CSIRO, Science datasets, Aerospace, Biotech;
  • Finance Department - Treasury, Finance, Reserve Bank & Banking oversight.

No significant change to

  • Department of Foreign Affairs - it does gain an explicit declaration of "humanitarian aid" by way of a Parliamentary Secretary assisting the foreign minister in Foreign Aid;
  • Department of Immigration;
  • Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet;

This will halve the number of departments and ministers and reduce the cost of government by 30%, balancing the budget within one term. It will also increase the number of Parliamentary Secretaries as we put one in charge of each aspect of each department, to provide audit and supervision of the public servants that remain. 

Individual policy areas are currently being added to our Liberty Plan, see the menu for more.