A short primer, picks up impact as it goes along:

Presstitution is a term that simply means our mainstream media are lying to us, both directly and via omission. The term was coined by famed journalist George Seldes (1890 - 1995) who called them "prostitutes of the press." Paul Craig Roberts is credited with shortening that to "presstitutes." Mainstream media are controlled by the Merchant Banks that hold their notes, and that are integral to the Aristocracy's control agenda. Major Corporations who are part of this ruling Aristocracy advertise on these channels and expect that their interests will be protected in return. Reporters know not to wander off the reservation or they will be fired, so they don't. They exchange their morals, their voices and their image for fame and a pot of cash. Ergo Presstitutes.

In Australia

I reserve special contempt for the ABC - Australia's public broadcaster. The ABC chases ratings and routinely comes close to the audience of the commercial channels. So it has a lot of reach, which means influence. It also has a charter that requires it to be...well nothing really. The Charter does not actually say impartial across issues. Accordingly there is no benchmark for appropriate behaviour at the ABC. The Liberty Campaign would re-write the charter to explicitly state the mission of the ABC is to cover news and current affairs from all viewpoints, which then allows the public to make up their own mind and vote in an informed manner. In other words, it is their job to keep the Government of the day honest. Including ours.

We would also cut the budget to $500m, including shutting down overseas broadcasting. ABC3 will be sold as a going concern, and ABC4 given to Community TV, along with $50m of the ABC's previous budget to foster new talent and production expertise. JJJ will be retained, it has an important role in talent development. The ABC should also remain commercial free, because those commercials influence the programming they appear on. That defeats the point of having an impartial ABC.

In this section you will see examples of the failure of the ABC to communicate an honest message, and why our policy to downsize and restore the ABC to their core mission of keeping the bastards honest is so important.

SBS would not be touched at this time, though a yellow card is in order for moving too far away from multicultural content. Excellent (and cheap) shows like Insight should be on the ABC playing to a larger audience and SBS should get back to supporting our amazing multicultural communities with foreign language news, current affairs and cultural programming.