We are seeing in Australia and in the USA a takeover of State based education by the Federal Government in the name of uniform standards. But it is not about uniform standards, there is an actual agenda here. Common Standards are about creating a lower level of education for the masses, leaving room for the kids of the elite to come in over the top into quality education that perpetuates their financial advantage. Taken in conjunction with escalating tuition fees Common Core is designed to prevent the sort of economic mobility that Gough Whitlam introduced with free University Education in the 70s.

Common Core has been developed with more than two billion dollars investment in development and sponsorship by Bill Gates. Bill's kids go to a private school that does not use Common Core because he wants them to get an actual, university-ready education. But Bill Gates is on to something. The cost of implementing Common Core nationally is USD$16 billion in the USA alone. This creates a massive market for Microsoft software, and for the transition of education from local and regional development to a single international set of resources produced by multinational corporations. Under the TPP Australia will have to use those resources or pay a fine.

What is Common Core


A lot of the criticism of Common Core revolves around the convoluted, counter-intuitive perversion of mathematics. Here is a simple video to explain what they have done to maths:

Parents Reaction to their Children's suffering under Common Core

Wider discussion and context

Political objectives, education for statism & compliance

More criticism and a solution - school vouchers

I hate it when I agree with anything belonging to Murdoch but vouchers are the answer - I will come back to that.

Common Core, and indeed Australia's National Curriculum (which is a watered down version, for now) is based on overarching principles championed by the United Nations - UNESCO that can be found at the link below. Please note where "The Individual" fits into the heirarchy and that about sums it up. What would appear to be missing is reading, writing and arithmetic.


Vouchers are the answer

The Liberty Campaign supports competition in Education driven by the Parents and Students. We support the policy of Senator Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrats for the provision of vouchers for each child that can be redeemed for one year's free tuition at the Parent's or Student's school of choice (Government or Private). We would extend that to include free first University Degrees for Australian Citizens, which we discuss in our "Plan for Australia". We repudiate the notion that children of the working and middle classes should be educated down to compliant, menial level while the wealthy pass priviledge down within their families.

More resources on the fight against Common Core on this excellent website: Fight The Core