The Nuclear lobby are using lipservice to the Green Agenda to slip Nuclear back into the conversation, despite the obvious dangers that come with it.

The losers have been we the people, who have seen electricity prices soar. 

The Liberty Campaign would allow new coal power generation while encouraging emerging energy technology, which you will find on this page. As with several of our policy areas, we look to the Future Fund to invest and develop commercial implementations of emerging technology to add value to that fund for future generations.

Nuclear Power is a Really Bad Idea

Libertarians normally support nuclear power as the most logical and cost-effective method of generating power. We do not. Here is why in 2 words.



Now the argument from the Nuclear lobby is this. If you don't want to melt the core into the water table do not put a nuclear power station on a fault line. Good point, if you kow where they all are. Stable geological formations become unstable over time. Facilities thought to have been engineered for safety turned out to be explosive. This argument also does not account for human error. There has been over time a litany of nuclear accidents that are 100% human error. Humans will always be human, will always be fallible and nuclear has no tolerance. One mistake and nuclear fuel meet water table.  

Three Mile Island

27 more human nuclear mistakes and also here

Human beings cannot be trusted with nuclear ANYTHING.

And yet greenies are pushing us into renewables, which we show elsewhere are about as useful as air conditioning on a push bike. And they hate cheap, clean coal. So that leaves Nuclear. In this strange parallel universe we currently exist in nuclear, with all the massive environmental damage from these accidents, is more environmentally sound than modern clean coal power plants. That is wrong. Liberty Campaign supports the construction of however many new clean coal plants as necessary to provide reliable, cheap power to kick start economic growth and prosperity to all Australians.

And those CO2 emissions? Wonderful stuff CO2, it has improved the world's agricutural crop yields and has nothing to do with climate change. Explained here.

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News on Nuclear Power Disasters

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