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Welcome to the Liberty Campaign.

Are you sick of working harder and harder for less and less?

So are we.

This is the first generation where our children are worse off than we are. Incomes are falling, home ownership is out of reach for increasing numbers of Australians, our basic liberty to speak freely, to protest and live our lives without Government direction and surveillance are being eroded each day. Yet the economy is larger now than at any time in our past. There is more money available - per capita our income should be higher than ever before. But it is not. This is because the fruits of the hard work we have put in over the last 30 years have gone into the pockets of a tiny elite that you may call the 1%, but more accurately it is the .1 of 1%.

There is a reason behind this, an agenda if you will. Each of the subject areas in our navigation may appear to be unrelated but they are in fact all part of that same agenda. Each piece of the jigsaw works together to transfer wealth from the poor, working and middle classes into the hands of the Aristocrats and their foot soldiers in politics, banking and media. These are the same Aristocrats that have controlled world affairs for hundreds of years and still do.

This unprecedented theft of wealth has occurred under the camouflage of setting citizen against citizen. Religion, multiculturalism, skin colour and gender have become weapons to divide us. In a civilised society these things would not matter, we can indeed live together in peace. The Liberty Campaign recognizes the validity of all religions and merely asks religion respect the rules of the country you are in. Once you seek to change our laws you cease to be a religion and instead become a rival state, so feel free to become one - elsewhere.

Our problems come in part from having a federalised system of Government, both in a national and international sense (the United Nations). By centralising power we have made it easy for money to compromise the good intentions of the founders of our Federation and of the United Nations. The Liberty Campaign believe it is time to dismantle federalised Government. Return Education, Health, Housing, Aboriginal Affairs and Agriculture amongst others to the State Governments and close those Federal Departments down entirely. Aged Care should vest with Local Government, since that is essentially a Community function. The Federal Government should only retain Defence, Social Security, Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Treasury.  

Our Liberty Plan is being unveiled through until the federal election in 2016, please read that here.

The Liberty Campaign do not think the solution is to redistribute existing wealth. That has never worked before and will not work now. Rather our campaign is to ensure that new wealth flows to those that deserve it, through free competition not crony capitalism, fair wages, national sovereignty, safe foods, democracy and freedom of expression.

In the months ahead we will co-ordinate with like minded groups to provide a pathway to liberty, equality and freedom for all.

Please join our email or social media, and remember always Information is power!