There are 2 types of people in Politics. Those with something to hide and those that manipulate them.


Politics is about control. Talking about power & control means talking about how the media controls the message and in turn that controls the population that still watch lamestream media.

We also look at how the role of the Police has evolved, no longer "to serve and to protect" but now "to fine and to intimidate". The Police are the enforcers for the Aristocracy. The always have been. Along the way the show of also being on our side has fallen away. Military equipment and uniforms are now omnipresent in policing. Their purpose is not to control the criminals, but to control us. Armoured personnel carriers, sound cannons and body armour are not there to investigate banking fraud, or even catch a shoplifter. They exist to intimidate us into compliance.

At the heart of all of the changes to how we as citizens are controlled has been a single underlying goal - one World Government. Now people who use that phrase instantly have a tin foil hat installed on their head. That is the response that the population has been brainwashed into displaying. 

I am surprised how many people, when conversation about One World Government comes up, will say something like "is that a bad thing". Well theoretically not. Theoretically it would mean no wars. But really - do you think any of the war machines will take that lying down? At best One World Government will be several regional governments. That means war can continue but the citizens still lose their power over them. There was in fact a little novel written about that - Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Berhard Shaw. No longer taught in schools for a reason, it predicts what is happening now to perfection.

Very little of what we cover is reported in the media - after all their job is primarily propaganda and damage control.  

Democracy and the rule of Constitutional Law must be upheld. These days that statement makes me a terrorist. Literally. BE WORRIED!

Do not go quietly into the night!