It still covers all the things we reference in the news section above, things that seem unrelated like Refugees, Trade Agreements and War propaganda. All of these things are not random, there is a plan behind them, an agenda if you will, called 2030. For a good example of the sort of abuses of  power and human semi-enslavement that Agenda 2030 entials, here is a great movie called Blue beats Green. It looks at the growth of Agenda 2030 in the treatment of land management, water management and in the exercise of government power in the USSA.

BLUE (Blue Beats Green) Full Movie HD from JD King on Vimeo.

The rest of this introduction piece covers Agenda 21 and will be updated shortly for The 2030 Agenda. Read on, it will still show how these seemingly unrelated events are all part of the same push for one fascist world government.

Agenda 21 is essentially fascist in nature. It replaces democracy with rule by corporations, stake holders (political and environmental lobby groups) and the people - each having 1/3 of the votes. Now you may think that eliminating democracy is never going to happen, but it already has in the European Union. Most people do not realise that the EU Constitution does not grant EU Members of Parliament the right to decide anything. Yes they can talk and vote, but that vote is not binding on the Bureaucrats that run the EU. The EU structure already abolishes democracy. As the EU extends it's power the right of average citizens to control their own government becomes more and more limited, until we have Agenda 21 - that is, no control at all.

The UN is trying to do the same thing through treaties such as the TPP, to grow their power and the power of the Corporate stakeholders and partners at the expense of the power of WE THE PEOPLE.

Other little nasties in Agenda 21 include:

  • 75% of land area being set aside for human-free zones to respect Gaia;
  • What about the cities, farms and settlements in that 75% - well bulldozed of course;
  • Reduction in the population to below 1 billion by 2100 (so we wont need those cities or farmlands). Problem of course is people being born now will still be alive in 2100, so just how they expect to effect such a dramatic population reduction without a major war, GMO-induced sterility or virus outbreak is a question to be asked;
  • Elimination of cars - all of the text I have seen for Agenda 21 talks about rail, bicycle and foot transport, no mention of cars or buses;
  • No property ownership - they cant move you into supercities if you own your own home, so home ownership goes under Agenda 21;
  • Homes shrink in size - we are already seeing Bloomberg in New York building shoebox sized apartments for the remaining people to live in. Not the rulers of course, just us.

These objectives require massive Government power to pull it off. and that is what we are seeing. The Patriot Act, and in Australia Senator Brandis Security Legislation all give the Government the right to spy on you, detain you without trial, and generally allows them to contain civil unrest that Agenda 21 will cause.

You dont notice this happening because the never ending war is keeping you occupied, scared and compliant. They divide us and conquer us using gender, race and religion. They develop and promote radical groups like ISIS and before that Al-Queda to provide the mandatory bogey-man.

Please update your knowledge on Agenda 21 and you will see the agenda evident in so much of Government Policy today.

Here is a good background video from

Courses in Agenda 21

Click here to view video lessons for the first five coursesNote: This site will eventually have all the ten lessons  in a video format.

Lesson 1:Learn the definition, short history, and the 3 E’s of Agenda 21.

Lesson 2: How America has been made to accept the scam called Agenda 21.

Lesson 3: How through the Wildlands Project private property rights will be destroyed and a One World Order implemented.

Lesson 4: Once confined to human settlements human behavior must be strictly controlled by Smart Growth strategies.

Lesson 5: Taking control of Wall Street and Main Street and their associated wealth must occur to create a One World Order.

Lesson 6: How the Feds use grants to help implement Agenda 21.

Lesson 7: Regional governments, created by the fed. gov’t., use grants funneled down from the fed. gov’t. to undermine the control of our local representative government.

Lesson 8: Explains how our people must be dummied down and indoctrinated to create good Global Citizens who think that they are here to serve the needs of the government (includes info. on Common Core).

Lesson 9: Explains how Non Governmental Organizations (such as the Sierra Club, Zero Population Growth, etc.) use of the Delphi Method to implement Agenda 21.

Lesson 10: Many ideas for how to activate yourself to stop the implementation of Agenda 21.

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