This is a brilliant article that goes into great depth on the role of cannabis in supporting appetite in cancer and AIDS patients. That sounds lightweight, until you read the article and realise just what a problem appetite loss is in these patients, cannabis could be the difference between living and dying.


The world is quickly coming to realize that there is way more to weed than just the munchies.

Marijuana enthusiasts certainly enjoy the heightened sense of taste and smell, which we explored in Cannabis Before Food Equals Taste Bud Bliss.

But, more important, the science behind how pot stimulates our appetites is pointing towards a colossal shift in how we might remedy some of healthcare’s biggest nutrition-related issues.

Those issues are:

  • appetite loss among cancer/AIDS patients
  • eating disorders
  • obesity and diabetes

Emergent studies and anecdotal reports are painting a giant, shiny sign that reads cannabis helps. Cannabis saves lives.

As more patients and doctors heed that sign with successful results, people are starting to ask a lot of questions. And they are frustrated or confused by the government’s stubborn stance against medical cannabis.

Let’s see if we can sort out some of that confusion.

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