Australians tend to be too laid back to take to the streets in the way that Western Europe is right now. However if people knew what was in the United Nation's Global Pact for Migration and the TPP-11 they may change their mind. These United Nations agreements represent the total destruction of Australia as a sovereign nation. They involve massive "equalisation" of living standards which in practice will mean millions more migrants and contract visa workers coming here to "share" what we have and send much of it overseas. 

The end result will be substantially lower incomes and wealth for Australian workers as the growing labour pool competes for jobs we exported to China 30 years ago. Already our high immigration intake has weakened the power of labour causing a reduction in real wages for workers on median wages & salaries. This reduction in real wages + reduction in manufacturing cost + outsourcing of administration jobs to foreign countries has created record corporate profits on which global businesses pay no tax. Your tax has increased to make up for globalist tax avoidance.

These fundamentals of globalism are the very things that the ALP's Bob Hawke and Paul Keating introduced to Australia.This globalist corporate agenda was enthusiastically embraced by Howard & Costello, Rudd & Gillard and Turnbull & Morrison. We have had traitors to the Australian people running our government since the 70s.

These traitors have brought Australian workers to the point where we are working harder and yet going backwards. We are the first generation to pass less on to our children, not more. Australia's GDP - the gross value of our work - has fallen from $2.2 trillion in 2013 to just $1.7 trillion in 2016. Australia is shrinking financially - 20% lost in just 3 years. That is what happens when you let globalist corporations export jobs & profit, and when you make that worse by bringing in migrants, giving them social security without having contributed to it and then have them send a large percentage of that back to their families overseas. 

Australia is being plundered

No wonder the Government is trying to bring in universal, warrantless spying on every Australian citizen. They will need that to round up the troublemakers when the public wake up to what these agreements have done to our country. Do not think that these security arrangements are there to protect us from terrorists - the Government let these radicals in deliberately to cause trouble so the had the excuse to justify a police state. 

Globalists have declared war on Christianity because it is a rival power source that must be crushed as quickly as possible to allow room for the growth of their One World Religion. Which is Islam if you haven't worked it out yet. 

It is time to say ENOUGH. 

  • Say NO to the United Nations Global Pact on Migration - open borders
  • Say NO to TPP-11 (Trans Pacific Partnership) and the elevation of corporations above Australian law
  • Say NO to the Paris Agreement (COP24), power poverty and de-industrialisation
  • Say NO to warrantless spying
  • Say NO to the attack on families & christianity.