YAHOO: Target Maps have released some new and very interesting data which unveils different average female genital size from around the world.

According to the diagram, African women have the world's largest genitals, whereas women from Asian countries find themselves on the other end of the scale.

The results reveal that women from the African countries highlighted in red, such as Jamaica, Haiti and Ghana, possess the most impressive sized genitals. Second to Africa are women from Australia, Italy, Norway, Mexico, and South Africa. Next up are British, American, French, German and Spanish women, who have genitals about one third less in size.

In fourth place are Japanese, Indonesian, Greek, Brazilian and Russian women at almost half the size of African women.

And lastly, girls who hail from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea have an average genital size of one half that of African women

So now you know.

</yahoo insulting and sexist click bait>

So yes all I did was to change the gender and length descriptor from this article that is currently on the front page of Yahoo in Australia. Because obviously for women size does matter, and respect is a one-way street. You get what you give ladies, stop clicking sexist linkbait so you can have a giggle.