The Green lunatics again - this time an actual MP saying Germans will be a minority in their own cities soon, and that is a good thing. Germany will not be Germany, Countries will not be Countries, just a mish mash of cultures with no home base, no unity and no fight except amongst each other.

This is also the first sighting of the new phrase for "Replacement Migration", which is Superculturalism.

Replacement Migration has connotations of forced movement, you are being replaced in your own country. That took off on the net and this nasty aspect of Agenda 21/2030 came under scrutiny, so they changed it to Superculture. It is still replacing national culture with another to destabilise and conquer, but it is not "replacement" it's "super", with engenders feelings of greatness, worthiness, desirability. Great re-brand, UN. No really, I mean it. That wil be harder to attack.