A few hundred dollars worth of Cannabis Oil or a million dollar liver transplant - big Pharma knows which way to go.


Back in 2008 Mike Cutler a 63 year old grandfather-of-nine was diagnosed with liver cancer and given three months to live. However, his doctor had him put on a transplant list and within the year he successfully underwent liver transplant surgery. His doctor pronounced him cancer free and Mike was out of the woods, or so he thought.

“Do I become a good citizen and die or a criminal and live?” – Mike Cutler

Unfortunately, by late 2012 Mike was feeling really bad and soon learned that the liver cancer had returned with a vengeance and was attacking his new liver. His doctors gave him little hope and sent him home to die with a bag of morphine to manage his excruciating pain. His health deteriorated until he was bedridden.

He tried many things to reverse his cancer but nothing worked. Bottom line: Mike wasn’t ready to die. So he began researching with his laptop online for a viable alternative liver cancer cure. Eventually he found a very instructive YouTube video that explained how cannabis oil could be used to cure cancer.

Cutler stated: ‘All I had in those dark days was my laptop, and that’s when I began searching for something else that could help me – I couldn’t accept I was going to die.” [1]
Mike found a reliable connection that gifted him some cannabis oil. Within three days of taking the cannabis oil, his pain had disappeared and he stopped taking the morphine. That’s when Cutler decided to grow his own cannabis to ensure he had a steady and high quality supply of cannabis oil medicine.

After a few months on the cannabis oil, Mike began coughing up blood, but he believes he was actually coughing up more than blood. With the help of a microscope and the internet, Mike was convinced that he was coughing up dead cancer cells. In May of 2012, Mike went for a liver biopsy at the Royal Free Hospital in London. He was delighted to learn that the cancer cells in his new liver were no longer there – completely gone. A spokesperson from the hospital confirmed that Cutler had not received any cancer treatment since his transplant in 2012.

Dr. Kat Arney, Cancer Research UK’s science communications manager, stated: “This could potentially lead to more effective treatments for cancer in the future, but there’s still no good data from clinical trials to show that cannabis or cannabinoids can safely and effectively treat cancer in patients at the moment.” [1] Apparently, Dr. Arney doesn’t know about the many medical studies that confirm cannabis is an effective agent against many types of cancer.

Currently, Mr. Cutler is involved as a medical marijuana activist with a group called United Patients Alliance (UPA), a UK group pushing for the legalization of medicinal cannabis oil and other forms of cannabis that could be used medicinally to treat cancer and many other illnesses.