The TPP replaces democracy and sovereignty by creating a class of Mega Corporation that is literally above the law. Worse they can sue the government for NOT doing something, such as not selling off schools or power generation. The TPP is literally the end of democracy & sovereignty. This is the end game for the elite, if they win the TPP they win everything. Who lines up on which side will show who works for us, and who works for them.

I surveyed the parties that have a chance of winning a Senate spot, this is where they stand:


one nationPauline Hanson's One Nation 

I contacted Pauline's campaign and can confirm that she will vote against the TPP and any "free trade" deal that sells out Australia. That is in keeping with Pauline's long standing objection to free trade. 


the greensThe Greens

The Greens have been campaigning against the TPP strongly, this is their campaign page:

So that is pretty wiggle-proof.


jacqui lambieJacqui Lambie

I reached out to Jacquie Lambie on Twitter and she confirms that she opposes the TPP.


nic xenophonNic Xenophon

Nic strongly opposes the TPP. The Australian covers his position since his website does not.


mature australia partyMature Australia Party

I reached out to the Mature Australia Party on Facebook and after reviewing the issue came back to declare their position was opposed. Nicely done! 


lazarusSenator Glenn Lazarus

Senator Lazarus has joined with Bob Katter to oppose the TPP in the Senate, article here.


katter logoBob Katter

Bob Katter has been a vocal critic of the TPP, article here.

Are you noticing a pattern here? Smaller parties, perhaps you could describe them as grass roots parties, that advocate for the Australian people are opposing the TPP. The major parties that are owned by the corporations that will benefit from the TPP support it. This election is about choosing freedom and democracy over servitude. Now to the traitors:



alp logoThe Labour Party

"Labor welcomes the finalisation of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). Today’s news comes at the end of five years of negotiations under both Labor and Liberal Governments. The TPP could also be a stepping stone to closer economic engagement across the Asia-Pacific region. Labor notes the assurance that no element of the agreement will increase the price of medicines for Australians or undermine the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme...."

It was the Rudd/Gillard Government that took Australia into the TPP negotiations in th efirst place. Labour all through the Hawke/Keating years have a long standing commitment to demolishing Australia's living standards and transferring wealth in the form of corporate profits from the working and middle classes into the financial elite. And this is supposed to be the party of labour?

Liberal/Nationals Coalition

lib logoNo surprises here. Wait there is one. Did you know Tony Abbott was actually protecting Australia form the TPP? He refused to sign off on the ISDS provisions, the ones that let MegaCorp do anything they like. In turn that stopped work on the TPP, because the TPP is not about trade, it is about the ISDS, these provisions are the whole point - to free MegaCorp from the laws of the countries theyoperate in. When Tony blocked those, the negotations stalled. As soon as Turnbull was installed in a coup, they were back on again. 

In fact I do think that the TPP was the real reason Tony was rolled, no-one can be allowed to stand in the way of the elite's power grab, via the TPP and the European equivalent, the TTIP.

Rupert Murdoch strongly supports the TPP, that is all you need to know about the Liberals and Nationals.


libdem logoLiberal Democrats (LDP)

Senator David Leyonhjelm's outfit support the TPP. And GMOs. Shame, as a libertarian movement the LDP should be the natural home of the Liberty Campaign. Sadly the LDP are simply too dogmatic. No single political dogma can provide all the answers, you have to weld a solution together from disparate sources. You should start with libertarianism certainly, but you cannot dump an unregulated free enterprise system back into an over-governed, over-regulated economy that provides so many protections to MegaCorp and so many barriers to entry that you do not actually have free enterprise, you have crony capitalism. </rant>