So there is a proposal to clear 1846 hectares of forest in far north Queensland for agriculture. The proposal has been approved by the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was recently heckled over her policy of stopping land clearances, so the lefties at the ABC went in to defend their Premier. This is what Barry Cassidy said about Kingvale Station:

"It's a big area, its Melbourne and Sydney combined multiplied by 3"*

Wow Barry that is big. Sydney is 1.2368 million hectares (check) and Melbourne is 999,000 hectares (check) so that means the ABC think Kingvale Station clearance area is 3 x (999,000 + 1,236.000) = 3,705,000 hectares. Sadly for the markist propagandists at the ABC, they have actually described the clearance area as being 2000 times bigger than it actually is!

So how big is it really? Sydney's Centennial Park is 190 hectares, so the area is actually 10 times the size of Sydney's Centennial Park. That is a large area, but if Barry had said "10 Centennial Parks 150km from a reef that runs for 2,400 kilometers" their scare campaign would have looked pretty silly. 

BTW I hear you thinking, perhaps he meant Sydney & Melbourne CBD. Well that is certainly more realistic, Sydney CBD is 280 hectares, Melbourne CBD is 620 hectares, so three times that is 2700 hectares. So he would still be wrong and moreso, the impression when you hear "its a big area, the size of Melbourne and Sydney times 3" is not just the CBD but the whole city. Nice sneaky propaganda there Barry. 

It is also hard to see what the fuss is in respect of the runoff into the Great Barrier Reef. Here is where Kingvale Station actually is, 100km from the Coast. I do note there is a waterway (flood delta) that may carry silt the 100kms to the sea in a major flood. How much of that sediment would make it the 100km, as compared to the avalanche of silt that would be collected along the way? Note the actual reef starts 50km offshore from the mouth of the delta. 


What is it with the left that they hate the idea of growing food to feed the hungry? Their lapdog Premier Palaszczuk has declared war on farmers cleaning up existing fields that were rested as part of good farming practice, under this Premier if you rest it you lose it. They have declared war on fishing, meat, dairy - seriously the Greens are the party of mass starvation. Perhaps someone should tell them that their beloved TOFU is made from soybeans that are grown on broad acres in North Queensland. Hang on did we think this through, this farm could feed a greenie NOOOOOOO!




Hear it for yourself at 9 minutes.

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