UPDATED: Prime Minister Rudd increased Australia's immigration intake from 150,00 to 350,000 immediately on taking office. Subsequent Labour/Greens Governments left the intake above 250,000 p/a - more than a million new migrants. That is 1 in 20 of our population. This is what happens when you do that. Migration must be capped below .5% of the population and weighting given to employable persons so they can be housed, educated, employed and generally absorbed.

Here is a news story from Channel 10, which is more honest than the other presstitutes on these riots. What you ar eseeing is riots in the very centra of the central business/shopping/entertainment districts of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's 2 largest cities.

SKYNEWS: Melbourne Police have charged 21 people with affray, intend to issue another 7 known persons with summonses and are seeking 3 more people.